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    From the kingdom of Denmark, the world's largest electric heating floor heating system manufacturer and the only professional production of heating cable plastic wood garden walls panel heating with electronic thermostat DEVI along with its general agent - Beijing embellish, science and technology investment co., LTD. At the conference fully demonstrates a new generation of intelligent electric heating floor heating products and a wide range of application solutions manufacturers of wpc fences board in india, construction professionals and the masses of users to Beijing provides smart green, energy conservation and environmental protection high-tech heating new way of thinking. "said ms DEVI China chief representative Cheng Qing DEVI floor heating in conformity with the physiological requirements of heating body can i attach wood panelling the wall, indoor temperature and room temperature is gradually diminishing, at the bottom of give a person with good feet warm head cool feeling, better solve the problem of" cold "from the foot, work in this environment, to improve work efficiency.

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